Wanshu Zhang, trainee

In 2009, Indes opened Indes Far East in China and I’m training the workers in the China office on setting up their ERP system. I play an intermediate role between the Chinese workers and their Dutch colleagues and managers. I am also engaged in financial trade.

As I’m working both in The Netherlands and in China I have learnt a lot about the cultural differences between the two countries. Some examples that struck me: Chinese tend to admire individual achievements. Dutch workers and managers,on the other hand, are more focused on team work. Regarding their sense of value, the Chinese go for "making money", while the Dutch are more interested in "doing business".

The training sessions Connect offered made it easier for me to adapt to the Dutch working environment, to plan my work well and to value working in a team.

Miriam Freriksen, controller

The biggest added value of Wanshu working for us is her conduct of Chinese. We are implementing a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system in our plant in China, and it’s very helpful that she can answer the questions from our Chinese employees in their mother tongue. She has a good work attitude, although sometimes we have to slow her down, and make sure she takes enough time to execute her tasks.

The advantage of working with Connect trainees is that they have studied in The Netherlands, so they know how the ins and outs of the Dutch corporate world, and are familiar with Dutch laws and rules. We definitely would like her to stay working for us.