Jing Xue

Jing Xue worked both at Burton Car Company in Zutphen and at Herman Kuijper BV in Amstelveen, a company involved in the import and export of Asian food products. "I spent a lot of time trying to find a job in the Netherlands myself, but it proved very difficult. Saxion Connect has contact with many different companies, and offered me the chance to gain more work experience. At the same time, the training programme is both useful and interesting, in particular the courses on intercultural skills. I believe it is very important to be able to get on well with colleagues and customers of all nationalities. My assignment was to identify new customers and new markets, especially in Asia. I learnt a lot about sales techniques, and I am now much quicker to gain an insight into the customer’s needs."

Iwan Göbel, Director of Burton Car Company

"Jing Xue was instrumental in a number of important business deals for our company. It is not easy when looking for suppliers in China - in fact, it is virtually impossible to do it alone. I have been to China before on a trade mission, but it was clear that Jing was more familiar than I was with the way things are done there." Thanks to her efforts, Burton now has several contacts in that country. "This has relieved the pressure on our company during negotiations, since we are now less dependent on a single manufacturer," explains Göbel. He also stresses how beneficial it is that trainees like Jing understand the language and culture of such far-flung countries. "Jing has taught us how to negotiate more successfully with the Chinese, who are less direct than us Dutch. Whereas we prefer to get down to business quickly, that approach is not appreciated at all in China - instead, they want to go out for a meal and then meet up again before closing the deal. Such insights have been hugely valuable for our company."