Bhayu Prasetya, trainee

ASML Holding is a company that designs and manufactures high-tech custom lithography systems. It’s customers, mostly in Asia, are semiconductor industries that produce integrated circuit (IC) or microchips. I work at ASML as a Test Engineer. My responsibility is measuring and calibrating machines according to the factory and customer acceptance test. I report to my team leader about machine conditions and progress of the tests. When testing a machine, we have to be pragmatic in thinking, flexible in time management, quick in making decisions, and communicative in reporting or asking for support, since we have a tight production schedule before a machine is to be shipped to a costumer.Although ASML is headquartered in the Netherlands, I am working in an international environment, as there are many people from various nations in Europe and Asia. Working in shifts was though at the beginning. It requires flexibility of time and fitness stamina. But it did not take long to get used to the schedule.