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Connect: Career Development Programme

If you as an international student would like to stay in the Netherlands after graduating, the University of Twente cooperates with Saxion to offer you an opportunity to prepare yourself for a professional career in the Netherlands. Broaden your chances on the Dutch and the international job market through the Connect International Talent Programme!

This programme offers graduates from the University of Twente and Saxion, a career Development Programme directly after graduating. Since companies and organizations with international ambitions are most interested in hiring high skilled workers with knowledge of, and experience in, specific cultures, languages and countries, the University of Twente and Saxion cooperate in guiding international students to find their way on the Dutch labour market.

The programme has proved to be beneficial for all parties involved.

For graduates, the programme helps them to find their way on to the Dutch job market and is a way to kick start their career. The additional trainings the programme provides proves to be most useful when starting work in The Netherlands.

Companies can easily access recently graduated high potential candidates and get the chance to hire them for a certain period of time against most attractive conditions.

For more information about the Connect programme for students and details about enrolling for the programme is possible at Saxion using the Saxion website.

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