Cisco - Consulting Engineer - Bachelor/Master (Graduate)

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Haarlerbergweg 13-19, 1101 CH Amsterdam-Zuidoost

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+48 12 321 9746

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Consulting Engineer - Bachelor/Master (Graduate) - Cisco

Preference Study Discipline (if possible)
Science, technology, engineering or mathematics

Available from
1 - Jan - 2018

Short description
For your first 6 months of your career you’ll join a team of graduates from all over Europe at our training hub in Krakow Poland. This is a great time for you to network with and learn from your peers, and to have lots of fun. Your training is a unique blend of classroom based lectures, lab work, shadowing and job rotation and you will be able to acquire Cisco Industry certifications. You will then return to Amsterdam to start an exciting career as an Associate Consulting Engineer. There will be a strong emphasis on customer interaction – answering questions, providing technical recommendations and advice, uncovering unmet needs through consultation. You will continue developing through constant learning opportunities, keeping informed about the latest trends within technology and resolving customer issues through your own research and study. When working with customers you will be responsible for installing, configuring and integrating new solutions and applications for your clients. You’ll have the opportunity to build and test your configurations and designs in Cisco labs. There will be plenty of opportunity to travel and you will need to meet and influence customer face to face.

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