Workday - Graduate Application Development Engineer, Dublin

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Stephen Maguire

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Graduate Application Development Engineer, Dublin

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Computer Science

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12 - Sep - 2017

Short description
As an Application Development Engineer at Workday, you will participate in all phases of the software development lifecycle. During the analysis phase, you will work with functional experts to review and refine requirements for the product. During the design phase, you will take functional input and create a technical design that best implements these requirements. This will include creating a model of business objects and their relationships, which represents the functional domain as specified in the functional analysis. You will use UML modeling tools to create class diagrams, and all use cases will be validated against this class model. During the implementation phase, you will create all technical artifacts required to realize the system functionality. Finally, you will be responsible for the quality of the delivered product during the testing phase. This includes the creation of test cases for all business processes, the execution of test scripts, and the resolution of any problems identified by the test scripts.

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