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Flanders Make

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Human Resources

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Signal Processing Research Engineer for Smart Machines

Relevant vakgebied
Engineering (Mechanical, Electronical, Electrical)

Beschikbaar vanaf
3 - mei - 2016

Toelichting functie omschrijving

You develop advanced signal processing techniques to grasp smart machine behavior in technology research projects for the machine and vehicle of the future.

  • Will you help us to build a yarn arrival “stopwatch” in a textile machine or a crop quality estimator in an agricultural machine?
  • Will you help us to tell autonomous vehicles and AGV’s where they are, or predict motion sickness with passengers using vibration measurements in a car?
  • Do you want to test and validate your results on the actual machines and vehicles available in our test labs or at the customer, in the field?


In the machine and vehicle of the future the process is monitored in no time, at any time.

As a signal processing research engineer, you will:

work together in a small research team which combines expertise in machine dynamics modelling, signal processing and experimental field testing.

  • play a key role in designing signal processing algorithms and testing them, taking into account controller and actuator requirements. Sensor fusion, virtual sensing, advanced filtering, algorithms for self-diagnostics and condition monitoring, physical modelling and feature extraction are in the scope of your research activities.
  • work with different machines and/or vehicles and with different sensor signals (vibration sensors, accelerometers, torque sensors, temperature sensors, … ).
  • work in close collaboration with experts from our industrial partners and have regular contacts with experts from knowledge centres in Belgium and abroad.
  • become a sparring partner for our leading companies in their innovation process.
  • trace and present industrial challenges and new research opportunities.

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