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Failed a Module?

The following procedure, based on the Education and Examination Regulations for Civil Engineering, is used for failed modules:

  • The standard rule is and remains: A failed module must be repeated completely
  • If you want to use one or more parts of a module in your next year, you will get an automatic message from the examination board.┬áIn the summer of each year, the progress of all students is evaluated. At that time, the examination board decides, partly on the basis of received requests, whether individual students can retain parts of modules. They will send a letter before the 20th of July 2019. The guiding principles are:
  • The more modules the student has fully passed, the more favourable the decision will be. The higher the grade for modules and parts of a module, the more favourable the decision will be.
  • The aim is to avoid resits/compensations as much as possible. Permission may, therefore, be given to redo a particular part of a module.