Cultural education / courses

For Union- or CampusCard holders

Cultural Courses Quartile 1&2  2017/2018

Paint what you smell?
Create wat you feel?

Perhaps you always wanted to paint on canvas like Rembrandt or Picasso?
Perhaps you want to learn more about the technic behind a theatre show?
Perhaps you want to improve your creative skills?
All of that and even more is possible with your UnionCard!

The Student Union in co-operation with Culture&Events and the AKI are offering you several cultural courses. All courses are supervised by professional and enthusiastic teachers.

With your UnionCard you can participate in the courses or workshops at a very reduced price!

New this year: employees also can participate at several courses/workshop with their CampusCard, for a special price.


Below you’ll find information about the content of the courses, starting date and continued lessons, conditions for registration and so on.


Most courses are once a week for 8 weeks, every quartile new courses will start. The first course starts in September, quartile 1. You can subscribe for the courses of the first two quartiles at the start of the Kick-In (23 August 2017).

More information?

Do you want to know more about the courses? Contact: Joke Sanchez

Creative Painting&Drawing

In this course, we offer you the opportunity to combine a regular Painting and Drawing course with a course Model painting. In the painting and drawing course the teacher will show you how to use a variety of styles you learn specific techniques through which you can discover your creativity and transfer your feeling onto canvas. You will learn technical skills and how to express yourself visually. Besides all this you can learn how to develop your skills in portraying the human body in 2-D form. We will work with live (nude) models, use a variety of approaches and employ different styles from art history. This course will give you the freedom to discover your own tastes and preferences and to develop these further.

• Start Monday 11 September, follow-up 18-25 September, 2-9-16-23-30 October, time 19.00-22.00 hrs

• 8 weeks, 3 hrs

• Teacher: Louis van Aarle

• Location: Atelier in the Vrijhof

• Course fee: UnionCard € 50,- / CampusCard € 150,-

Subscription and payment

Visual Thinking

This course is for everyone who wants to learn how to visualise their ideas, their designs or projects by making images. By practical exercises, sufficient examples of images,  making sketch notes and using images to transfer information,  you will be trained in Visual Thinking,

Your sense of perception and visualisation will be trained. By visualising you will be able to focus longer and sharper. You will learn to make your ideas clear and understandable for others, your public. Visual Thinking supports your way of studying and lowers language barriers. It increases communication, activates and is fascinating. (By the way, you don’t need to have any drawing experience).

• Start Thursday 7 December, follow-up 14 December, time 19.00-21.00 hrs

• 2 weeks, 2 hrs

• Teacher: Anika Franke

• Location: Atelier in the Vrijhof

• Course fee: UnionCard €10,- / CampusCard € 30,-

Subscription and payment.

Welding Basic Course

You will learn the basic principles of electrical welding, and by the end of the course you will be welding your own creations. This course is necessary to join if you don’t have any welding experience and you want to follow the Creative Welding course.

• Start Thursday 16 November follow-up 23-30 November, 7-14-21 December, 11-18 January, time 19.00-22.00 hrs

• 8 weeks, 3 hrs

• Teacher: Henk Maassen

• Location: Metal workshop in the Vrijhof

• Course fee: UnionCard €50,- / CampusCard € 150,-

Subscription and payment.

Model Drawing

Model drawing will introduce you into the study of the body and model drawing.

During a couple of sessions, you’ll get more comfortable with quick and longer drawing assignments.

• Start Thursday 16 November, follow-up  23-30 November, 7-14-21 December, 11-18 January, time  19.00-21.30 hrs

• 8 weeks, 2,5 hrs.

• Teacher: NN

• Location: AKI

• Course fee: Union- & CampusCard € 50,-

Subscription and payment.  


During the Ceramic workshop we will introduce you into a variety of methods that you can use in ceramics. Working with clay and pottery, glazing and spinning.

• Start Wednesday 15 November, follow-up  22-29 November, 6-13-20 December, 10-17 January, time 19.00-21.30 hrs

• 8 weeks, 2,5 hrs.

• Teachers: Tjalling Mueller

• Location: AKI

• Course fee: Union- & CampusCard € 50,-

Subscription and payment.