Cultural education / courses

For students with a UnionCard

Specially for Students with a UnionCard VRIJHOF CULTURE offers some very interesting courses for a low budget price, in cooperation with the Student Union and the AKI/Artez. These courses will be given in English.


Have you always thought that breakdance is just awesome. But you never found the time to practice it? Than this is your chance. Join the breakdance-course this February and try it out. In 11 weeks you will be thought the basics if breakdance. After this, you will have the skills to develop your own style and signature moves. So try it out!

  • 10 weeks, 1 hr (19.00-20.00)
  • Start on Wednesday 7 September (upto Wednesday 9 November inclusive)
  • Instructor: Luuk van Ewijk
  • Location: sportzaal 3, Sportcentrum
  • Course fee; € 20,- / € 35,- for CampusCard holders

For the online registration login to the DMS website and click for the courses What’s on offer. All information about the registration can be found here.

More information?  Call 053 489 1148 or mail


In this course, we offer you the opportunity to combine a regular Painting and Drawing course with a course Model painting. In the painting and drawing course the teacher will show you how to use a variety of styles you learn specific techniques through which you can discover your creativity and transfer your feeling onto canvas. You will learn technical skills and how to express yourself visually. Besides all this you can learn how to develop your skills in portraying the human body in 2-D form. We will work with live (nude) models, use a variety of approaches and employ different styles from art history. This course will give you the freedom to discover your own tastes and preferences and to develop these further.

  • 8 weeks, 3 hrs, (19.00-22.00 hrs)
  • Start Quartile 1, Monday September 12, follow-up 19-26 Sep, 3-10-17-24-31 Oct 2016
  • Teacher: Louis van Aarle
  • Location: Atelier in the Vrijhof
  • Course fee: €50,-
  • Subscription & payment


In this course the student is taken on a journey into the Persian music and culture. The student will get acquainted with subjects such as the microtonal tone system, free and irregular rhythms, improvisation, and the strong relation between music and poetry in the Persian culture. The subjects will be illustrated with theory, audio and visual examples. Finally, in this course there is ample space for practising and playing together on Persian and own instruments.

  • 8 weeks, 2 hrs (20.00-22.00 hrs)
  • Start Quartile 2, Tuesday November 15, follow-up 22-29 Nov, 6-13 Dec 2016, 10-17-24 Jan 2017
  • Teacher: Jan Pieter van der Giessen
  • Location: Kleine zaal, Vrijhof
  • Course fee: €50,-
  • Subscription & payment


This course is for everyone who wants to learn how to visualize their ideas, their designs or projects by making images. By practical exercises, sufficient examples of images,  making sketch notes and using images to transfer information,  you will be trained in Visual Thinking,

Your sense of perception and visualization will be trained. By visualizing you will be able to focus longer and sharper. You will learn to make your ideas clear and understandable for others, your public. Visual Thinking supports your way of studying and lowers language barriers. It increases communication, activates and is fascinating. (By the way, you don’t need to have any drawing experience)

  • 2 weeks, 2 hrs (19.00-21.00 hrs)
  • Start Quartile 2, Wednesday November 23, follow-up 30 Nov
  • Teacher: Anika Franke
  • Location: Atelier in the Vrijhof
  • Course fee: €12,50
  • Subscription & payment


This course is an introduction to Theatre Engineering. How can we add value to a play or product presentation using theatre engineering? What are the effects of dramatic lighting, music and images? In this course you will learn the pure basics about theatre engineering and our basic stage lighting and live sound materials, what you can and cannot do with it. We will cover the basics of Light and Sound Engineering in our Theatre Halls on our Campus.

  • 8 weeks, 3 hrs. (19.00-22.00 hrs)
  • Start Quartile 2, Tuesday November 15, follow-up 22-29 Nov, 6-20 Dec 2016, 10-17- 24 Jan 2017
  • Teacher: Neel Nandkoemar
  • Location: Theatre Hall in the Vrijhof
  • Course fee: €50,-
  • Subscription & payment


To create new works with various graphic techniques and get the discussion started about what it means to use reproductive techniques in an era in which we're all submerged in a continuous flow of imagery. We will emphasize the making process and all techniques can be combined. The history of printmaking will come along as we're all working. So expect a lot of physical works, action and theory whilst working!

  • 8 weeks, 2,5 hrs. (19.00-21.30 hrs)
  • Start Quartile 2, Thursday November 24, follow-up 1-15-22 Dec 2016, 5-12-19-26 Jan 2017
  • Teacher: Patrick Magnus
  • Location: AKI
  • Course fee: €50,-
  • Subscription & payment