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Episode 3: corona & economy

The third edition of Campus Talks addresses the economic impact of the coronavirus on the University of Twente, on the Netherlands and on the world. On Tuesday 9 June, host Peter-Paul Verbeek will discuss the future of aviation and the effects of fewer flights and other logistic processes at airports and in aircraft with aviation expert Hans Heerkens in the studio. Should scientists reduce their travel by air to scientific conferences: sharing knowledge and meeting each other is, after all, also possible online? State aid to KLM will also be raised, as will the fact that other companies receive smaller cash injections or none at all.

Victor van der Chijs, President of the University of Twente’s Executive Board, will share his vision on the economic impact on university education and research. What is the University of Twente doing to recover from the collapse in student enrolment numbers? How is the University of Twente making the one-and-a-half metre campus work? What are the benefits of online education and research? He will also mention successful research projects that were set up in no time to jointly combat COVID-19.

Student Daffa Paramitha will talk about the effects of losing or temporarily losing a part-time job in the hospitality industry. This probably means that she will need a larger student loan; studying at the University of Twente could become too expensive for international students.

Alumni officer Joe Laufer is involved in the 4TU initiative that offers graduates of the four technical universities words of encouragement. Every week there is an online meeting for alumni in a particular country. He interviewed University of Twente alumnus Björn Harink, researcher at Leiden Measurement Technology, about how the coronavirus measures have affected his work and life in America. Specific example: his wedding had to be postponed.

Anneke Sools started a study on our thoughts and images about the future after COVID-19 has been controlled by a vaccine or not. Will we want a different economic system, will we pursue a different lifestyle, will we define new norms and values? Or are we hoping that everything will be back to normal as soon as possible?