Pioneers in Health Care

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Who can apply?

Project teams of at least a researcher employed by the UT or Saxion and a medical professional employed by MST, ZGT or Deventer Hospital can submit a proposal. Project teams can be extended with additional members or partners outside the PIHC partners.

Researchers or clinicians who have previously been granted a PIHC voucher, can only apply for a new voucher, when they start a new collaboration or a new research topic and when they can prove the previous project has been carried out successfully.

Please note: call 2018 will be published on short notice and will contain some changes compared to 2017. 


Research proposals should be submitted in the web application. Please use the PIHC Proposal 2017 Format for your research proposal and the PIHC Financial Plan 2017 Format for your financial plan. This page and the formats are also available in Dutch

Criteria for submission

  • Innovative project on the cutting edge of medicine and technology;
  • The project is a collaborative effort of at least a researcher of the UT and a medical professional of MST or ZGT;
  • The project answers a clear clinical need;
  • The project is technically-scientifically challenging;
  • A financial plan according to the PIHC format is attached, with a maximum requested budget of €50,000 for UT - MST/ZGT collaborations, and a maximum requested budget of €75,000 for UT - MST/ZGT - Saxion collaborations;
  • In 2017 a couple of the regular PIHC vouchers could be awarded to projects in the field of oncology or big data. For more information, please visit our Matchmaking Event.

The proposal 

  • Language – Dutch or English (for Dutch page and formats, see 'Een aanvraag indienen')
  • Layout – Word file, max. 3.5 A4, font Arial, font size 10, include max. 1 figure and 1 table
  • Title – concise, in both Dutch and English
  • Main applicant – name, function, organization, department, phone number, email address, role in project
  • Co-applicants – name, function, organization, department, email address, role in project
  • Type of voucher – Regular PIHC voucher, Menzis PIHC voucher, Saxion PIHC Pilot voucher, or a combination of both. 
  • Public summary – max. 100 words, in both Dutch and English, to be published online and in press releases
  • Description clinical need and technical-scientific challenge
  • Impact of the project – think about the urgency of the problem, size of the patient population, health gain & cost savings (Value Based Health Care), translation to the clinic
  • Plan of action – describe what’s needed (e.g. personnel, materials, test labs, network, students), who has the lead, the contribution/role of each of the project members within the project, how is the project ensuring a successful collaboration
  • Estimated results of the project – A) short-term: outcomes pilot study, presentation/poster at a conference, papers, student projects, development of new technology B) long-term: submitted proposal for additional funding, PhD project, extension of consortium, patent, structural/embedded collaboration between team members
  • Valorization – potential for value creation, business plan, SME/industry is involved in the project or will be in the future
  • Menzis vouchers – Project contributes to Menzis' regional focus on better care for elderly. The project is answering the need of patients and various health care professionals are involved. Please see 'Menzis beleeft een dag met ouderen'.  
  • Budget plan according to PIHC Budget Plan Format
  • Timeframe - Please note: vouchers of projects who have not started at 1 June 2018 will be withdrawn
  • Statement on involvement of team members in previous awarded PIHC vouchers – how is the present proposal a new collaboration or a new research topic for the person in question and describe success of previous PIHC project
  • References to relevant literature – max. 5

Timeframe PIHC 2017

Matchmaking event: 12 September 2017
Deadline proposals: 15 October 2017
Awarding of vouchers: 21 November 2017
Deadline start projects: 1 June 2018. Please note: vouchers of projects who have not started at 1 June 2018 will be withdrawn.
Deadline finish projects: 12 months after start of the project, ultimately 1 June 2019