Pioneers in Health Care

Awarded proposals


All main applicants of submitted proposals receive a confirmation or rejection letter after the award ceremony. If the proposal is successful, the main applicant becomes the project leader, co-applicants will become team members.

Project agreement

The PIHC project agreement sets out the legal and financial conditions of funding by the PIHC Innovation Fund and consists of agreements between project partners. All PIHC projects should fill out the PIHC project agreement. The agreement needs to be signed by the UT, MST and ZGT and the project leader, and any other parties involved in the project.

Timeframe project and reporting

Projects need to start within 6 months after the voucher has been granted and can last for at maximum 12 months. Vouchers of projects who have not started after six months will be withdrawn. Project leaders are expected to provide the PIHC fund with a half-way progress and an end-report. The relevant formats for reporting will be distributed among project leaders 6 months after the vouchers have been granted to make sure all project have started. At 6 and 12 months after the ultimate start date of the projects for half-way and end reports.
All project teams are expected to participate in events organized by partners of the PIHC fund to report on their projects and results.

Amendments to the protocol

The PIHC fund expects all projects to be carried out as described in the protocol and according to the financial plan. Any proposed amendments to the protocol of the projects should be approved by the assessment committee. In requesting for amendments, it is crucial to describe the current state of the project and if any, successes, of het project so far, explain the requested amendments and the reasons why these changes to the protocol are necessary, and how these changes will benefit the outcome of the project.
A request for extension of a project need to be submitted at least six months before the end of the project at