The University of Twente is a modern, entrepreneurial university, leading in the area of new technologies and a catalyst for change, innovation and progress in society. ‘Health’ is a key research theme at the University of Twente, and many research institutes and educational programmes study the various aspects of health and healthcare and the role of medical technology in society. Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST) and Ziekenhuisgroep Twente (ZGT) are regional hospitals in Twente who provide high quality care for their large volumes of patients and aiming for continuous innovation of care.

The UT, MST and ZGT started the Pioneers in Health Care (PIHC) Innovation Fund in 2014 to reach their mutual goal: faster introduction of innovative technology in clinical practice by bottom-up collaboration between the world of new technology and medical practice. Menzis is a health insurance company, strongly embedded in Twente. Menzis joined the fund in 2015, thereby aiming to improve efficient and high quality care. In 2017 PIHC was expanded with Deventer Hospital and Saxion as partners.

The challenge for the technical researchers and the medical specialists is to speak a ‘mutual language’. This will lead to a better understanding of each other’s work, resulting in more collaboration and more relevant health care innovations. Technical solutions to overcome limitations in the current health care, or new medical applications of existing technology, that is what Pioneers in Health Care is all about.