Innovation programmes

Innovation voucher programme

As the entrepreneurial university, we find it important to look for ways to work together with knowledge-driven small and medium sized enterprisess (SME), both domestic and international.

We do this by doing collaborative research, and by making the facilities and expertise of the University of Twente available to SMEs. The University of Twente has launched the Innovation Voucher-programme, in which 50 vouchers will be awarded in tranches to 50 SMEs. Read all about the vouchers and how you can apply.

The Voucher value of €10K- excluding VAT- may be used for any necessary training, guidance, facility use or contract research at one of the Centers of expertise at the University of Twente. Vouchers may not be combined, even to cover project costs from other centers; only one voucher is permitted per proposal.

Proposals will be eligible if they meet all the following criteria:

  • Novel: the proposal involves a company that has not used the facility before.
  • Strategic: the proposal is aligned with the strategies of the university and the center of expertise.
  • Private contribution: The company will contribute at least 25 percent of the total project cost in cash, with a minimum of €2.5K (excluding VAT) per voucher.

For more information on “Top Technology Twente: The UT Innovation Voucher Program,” please contact Marieke Hofste-Kuipers 053-489 2042 or of the Strategic Business Development team.

More information about UT Innovationvouchers SME: