Role and Task

The examination board for the Bachelor’s programme in Mechanical Engineering and the Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Sustainable Energy Technology is an independent authority regarding anything that has to do with examinations. The board establishes rules regarding, for instance, exams, graduation, and cum laude-requirements. The board also establishes which students have passed which programme, and it deals with cases of fraud and matters of study progression.


The Board consists of staff members

Chairman Gert Willem Römer

Vice-chairman Ton van den Boogaard


Ir. Marijn Zwier


Drs. Marleen de Haan A.K. Pozarlik

Prof dr. ir. A.C.M. Ran

Board Meetings

The board has a regular meeting every two months. Incidentally additional meetings are planned to discuss urgent matters regarding rules, regulations and organization.
This means you may expect an average turnaround time of four to five weeks.


There is a separate section including tips about the content in How to Approach

The executive committee of the Examination Board consists of the chairman and the secretary. The Examination Board can be reached by email or in writing via the secretary, whose contact details are shown below. When using email, do so from your UT mail account.

Examination Board Secretary
ir. M.P. Zwier (Marijn) Ir
Secretary Examination Board SET ME

Postal address
University of Twente
HR W229
PO Box 217
7500 AE Enschede