Candidates apply by handing in a project proposal and CV, together with a letter of recommendation of at least one programme director, as well as a letter of agreement by his or her department chair, supervisor or director.

Candidates must use the application form to apply.

A jury will review all proposals and choose a winner. The jury consists of the current BIG-holder, (former) participants in the Educational Leadership Programme (ELP), a student from the Student Union (SU), and a member of the Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching (CELT).

The jury of 2019 consists of:

  • C.M. Dohmen - Janssen (Marjolein)
  • drs. B.M. Geveling (Brigit)
  • drs. C. Rouwenhorst (Chris)
  • dr. J.C. Alers (Janneke)
  • S.M. Bruggenwirth (Sjoerd) - studentmember

The jury will notify the winner. This notification is confidential, and only meant to enable the candidate to plan work for the project. The formal announcement will be made at the UT opening academic year.