Content of the proposal:

  1. The proposal contains a clear vision and idea for an educational innovation that is well connected to the UT educational vision and strategy.
  2. The product is an educational design, preferably supported by a scientific publication or contribution to a conference.
  3. The proposal contains a concrete plan of action as well as a plan for the dissemination of the vision and the product within the UT.
  4. The proposal is no more than 4 pages in length. Appendices are a CV of the candidate, a letter of recommendation of at least one programme director, as well as a letter of agreement by the department chair, supervisor (in case the candidate is a PhD-student), or director. 

 Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Candidate is an UT employee
  2. Candidate has recent experience with designing and delivering education.
  3. Candidate has a vision on educational innovation