Workshop CFTC

Using compassion focused therapy with young people, children & families by Mary Welford

Monday 18 April 2016, 9.30 – 17.00 hours at Conference Hotel Drienerburght.


Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) was developed by Professor Paul Gilbert OBE as a means of addressing psychological difficulties underpinned by shame and self-criticism. The transdiagnositic approach now has a growing evidence base for those who have experienced trauma, psychosis and eating related difficulties to those suffering brain injury and difficulties following childbirth.  
Gilbert’s approach is underpinned by cutting edge neuroscience, developmental psychology, behavioural theory and evolutionary science.  Despite a very complex scientific base the approach is easily understood and applied in a range of settings.   
In recent years the application of compassion based approaches has been broadened to working with NHS staff teams, the armed forces, business settings and within education. This is partially due to recognition that such environments are often largely threat and target focused. In such settings compassion based approaches are proposed as a means of addressing difficulties, building resilience and generating greater wellbeing.  Rather than being yet another task to learn those integrating the practice report an increased capacity to teach and learn.    
Dr. Mary Welford has been working within educational settings on behalf of the Compassionate Mind Foundation and is currently involved in an initiative within the south west of England. Whilst she brings knowledge and experience of Compassion based approaches to the education setting, the staff and students are providing amazing insights into how the approach can be taught and infused into the educational environment as a whole.


The workshop will provide delegates with: 

  • A brief  introduction to the theory on which compassion focused therapy is based 
  • An experience of some of the practices used by the approach 
  • Simple ideas around how Compassion Based Approaches can enhance both staff and student wellbeing 
  • Adaptations to CFT when working with children and their families
  • An opportunity to explore how the theory and practice can be integrated into educational environments and child and family services.

Delegates may include therapists teachers, teaching assistants, educational psychologists.

Training Methods 

Experiential, didactic, role play, observation


€ 45,--

Spoken language:


Number of participants:

80 (max).

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