Workshop CFT

Compassion Focused Therapy with adults by Paul Gilbert on 18, 19 & 20 April 2016 at Conference Hotel Drienerburght


Paul Gilbert

This workshop will introduce participants to the basic ideas and interventions used in Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). CFT was originally developed with people with high shame and self-criticism. These individuals often come from difficult backgrounds where there are low levels of affiliation and affection. This is problematic because from infancy onwards attachment and affiliative experiences play a major role in brain development and regulation of threat-based emotion. Indeed, individuals from these backgrounds can find experiencing positive, affiliative emotions (accepting compassion and being self-compassionate) difficult. This workshop will explore the role of the evolution of mammalian attachment and affiliation in threat regulation with a focus on the complexity of threat processing systems and its regulation through affiliative processing. This workshop will be led by the founder of CFT, Professor Paul Gilbert.

What will we learn?

Participants will learn the evolutionary model, the nature of our three basic emotions regulation systems and how to apply it to case formulation. There will also be a to focus on the forms and functions of shame and self-criticism and how to treat them by developing self and other directed compassion. CFT aims to develop care and affiliative-focused motivation, attention, emotion behaviour and thinking. Key skills include the use of compassion focused imagery, building the compassionate self and using the sense of a compassionate self to engage with areas of personal difficulty. Conceptual bridges between CFT and contextual behavioral science will be illustrated. The workshop will use a range of PowerPoint presentations, DVD presentations and some limited personal practice.


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