Research Funding and the Good Life

Research Funding and the Good Life

Tuesday March 17

09.30 Welcome by Philip Brey

Workshop Overview

09.45 Simone van der Burg: Perspectives on the Dutch context

Robert Frodeman: Perspectives on the US context

Evaluation models of research funding institutions: State of the art

10.15 Each funding institution explains in 20 minutes its evaluation model for research projects and its advantages/problems, followed by 20 minutes of questions/discussion

- Senter Novem: Elvis Biekman

- STW: Eppo Bruins

11.00: Coffee break

- European Commission: Rene von Schomberg

- NSF: Melanie Roberts

- NOAA: Tricia Ryan

13.00 Working Lunch — Small lunch groups formulate research questions for the workshop

14.00: Reconvene, consolidate questions (Simone van der Brug)

Philosophical Perspectives on Science and the Good Life

14:15 Carl Mitcham

Complexities of the good life. Argument outline and discussion

15.00: Coffee break

15:15: Tsjalling Swierstra

The technical evocation of the good life and the liberal privatization thereof

16:00: David Strong (invited)

16.45 Wrap up day one

General discussion, and recalibration for tomorrow

Break at 17:30; return to hotel

18:30 Drinks

19:00 Dinner

Wednesday March 18

9.00: the day’s charge, Robert Frodeman

The social contract between science and society

9:15 Arie Rip

The evolving social contract of science and society and the mediating roles of public funding agencies.

9.45 Brian Wynne

For whom should science be good?

10.15 John Weckert

What kind of research should have priority in the present world?

10:45 Coffee break

11.00 Discussion

12.00 Lunch break

Operationalizing Philosophical Perspectives on Science and the Good Life

13:00 Britt Holbrook

Improving the Peer Review of Grants

13.30 Steve Fuller

Account of SSRC funding review (UK).

14:00 Coffee break

14:15 Discussion

Evaluative possibilities and the composition of the research consortium

15.00 Wiendelt Steenbergen, Marianne Nieuwenhuis and Hans-Eric Aaltonen/Björn Bakken (invited)

Scientific engineers and the ‘utilization committee’; the committee of a user and a producer who are involved in the research process at an early stage

15.30 Erik Fisher

Socio-technical integration research

16.15 Coffee break

16.30 Discussion– Revisit workshop questions (Simone van der Burg).

What ideas expressed during this workshop do you take home? (and why)

Break at 17.30; return to hotel

18.30 Drinks

19.00 Dinner