Track 8: Environmental philosophy and sustainable technology


While environmental philosophy and philosophy of technology share some common sources and evolved at roughly the same time as philosophical subfields, with notable exceptions, the two have developed largely in isolation from each other. These diverging paths are unfortunate given the ample overlap between questions concerning technological development and environmental protection. This track welcomes papers and presentations offering philosophical reflection on any topic at the intersection of technology and the environment but with an emphasis on how the resources of one may illuminate the other. Possible topics include:

•New energy technologies and solutions to climate change.

•Old energy technologies and responsibilities for climate change.

•Forecasting scenarios for carbon neutral economies.

•Extrinsic concerns (e.g., human health and environmental risks) about energy and environmental technologies.

•Intrinsic concerns (e.g., naturalness worries) about energy and environmental technologies.

•Technology and sustainable development.

•Normative implications of technologies of sustainable development.

•Techniques of environmental risk assessment.

•Comparative applications of precautionary principles.

•Environmental ethics of technology assessment.

•Ethical issues in technology transfer.