Track 15: Reflective engineering


Reflective Engineering – this track will focus on reflection in the practice of engineering and how the reflective practice of engineering is essential for a better understanding of design as well as an understanding of the potential impacts of innovation.  The track is a direct outgrowth of the Workshops on Philosophy and Engineering (WPE-2007 in Delft, WPE-2008 in London) and the growing cooperation between WPE and SPT. In particular, the reflective engineering track at SPT2009 is designed to give practitioners the opportunity to express views about engineering thought and practice in a setting vetted largely by other reflective practitioners. At WPE this role was played by the deme entitled “Philosophical Reflections of Practitioners” and track 15 at SPT2009 is designed to play a similar role at SPT2009. Reviewers for track 15 will be drawn from the ranks of reviewers for WPE and other reflective practitioners.

The track seeks thoughtful reflections by engineers and other technology practitioners on a variety of topics. Particularly interesting is how reflective practice influences the engineering of complex, large-scale, integrated, open systems (CLIOS), such as infra-structure systems-energy-water-waste—buildings-communications-transport as well as agricultural engineered systems, space systems, information systems, health systems, or manufacturing systems. Impacts on social systems, physical earth systems and natural ecosystems will be considered.