Track 13: The good life and technology


This track considers the relation between technology and the good life. It aims to include papers that study how different kinds of technology contribute to or detracts from the good life, or quality of life, and how technology can and should be designed so as to account for valid ideals of the good life. Since the industrial revolution, modern technology has seriously impacted day-to-day life and has engendered changing ideals of the good life. In recent years, new technologies in the information, medical, industrial, and other sectors have further impacted everyday life. The quality of life has become a major issue in modern societies, and technology is seen to both benefit and harm it. Yet, few systematic investigations have yet taken place of the relation between the good life and technology, both in philosophy and in other fields. This track aims to promote philosophical studies of technology and the good life. Contributions at the intersection of philosophy and empirical science are also encouraged.

•Possible topics include:

•Implications of modern technology for the quality of life

•Philosophical and empirical methods for studying the good life and quality of life in a technological culture

•Hedonist, desire-satisfactionist, objective list and capability accounts of technology and contemporary life

•Quality of life and IT, biomedical technology or converging technologies

•Quality of life, political philosophies and technology policy

•Quality of life, sustainability and the environment

•Quality of life, consumer culture and consumer technologies