Track 10: Robots, cyborgs and artificial life


Given that existing ICT already changes the way we live and think about ourselves, how will the introduction of robots and artificial intelligent systems shape our lives and thoughts? How do these technologies challenge our present and traditional ethical, political, epistemological, and anthropological concepts? How should we live with robots? Is sex with robots an ethical problem? Is the use of military robots a moral improvement? Do artificial intelligent systems challenge our definition of ‘life? Where shall we draw the boundary between biological and artificial life, given that converging technologies might change us into ‘cyborgs’? Have we always been cyborgs? How technological are humans, and how human is technology? How do intelligent robots prompt us to re-think our definitions of the human? How should humans live with non-humans? Where do we draw the line between human and non-human and between nature and culture? Do these frontiers shift, and what is the significance of these (shifting) borders for our practices, our thinking, our society, our existence? This track invites philosophical and trans-disciplinary reflections on these and related problems raised by technological dreams of the quasi-human.