SPT 2009 will include 15 tracks

1.Converging technologies and human enhancement.

Chair: Peter-Paul Verbeek

2.Converging technologies and engineering sciences.

Chair: Mieke Boon

3.Converging technologies and risks.

Chairs: Sabine Roeser and Sven Ove Hansson

4.Converging technologies: general issues.

Chair: Armin Grunwald

5.Ethics and politics of emerging technologies.

Chair: Tsjalling Swierstra

6.Philosophy and ethics of biomedical and nanotechnology.

Chair: Bert Gordijn and Joachim Schummer

7.Philosophy and ethics of information technology.

Chair: Adam Briggle and Lucas Introna

8.Environmental philosophy and sustainable technology.

Chair: Andrew Light

9.Philosophy of engineering and design.

Chair: Pieter Vermaas

10.Robots, cyborgs and artificial life.

Chairs: Mark Coeckelbergh and Gianmarco Veruggio

11.Technology and moral responsibility.

Chair: Katinka Waelbers

12.Technology, culture and globalisation.

Chairs: Charles Ess and Evan Selinger

13.The good life and technology.

Chair: Philip Brey

14.Philosophy of technology: general and assorted issues.

Chair: Anthonie Meijers

15.Reflective engineering.

Chair: Darryl Farber