Plenary panels

Panel 1:  Converging Technologies and the Future

Chair: Philip Brey

Participants: Nick Bostrom, Vinod Subramaniam, Dave Blank and Peter Apers

This expert panel on converging technologies will address the prospects of converging technologies.  It will address the current state of the art and the implications for society in the near future.  Questions that will be addressed are:
•       What is the state of the art in converging technologies and what will be technologically possible ten and twenty years from now? 
•       What technological breakthroughs still have to be realized, and what economic, organizational and political hurdles still have to be taken? 
•       How will society transform because of converging technologies?  How will areas like engineering design, healthcare, science and education, food production, law enforcement, defense, and everyday life be transformed, and will converging technologies help to satisfy our energy needs and create a sustainable society?
•       What will be the overall social benefits of converging technologies, and what are the potential harms? 

Panel 2: Intersections between Philosophy of Technology and Environmental Philosophy

Chair: Bob Frodeman

Participants: Adam Briggle, Evan Selinger, Robert Frodeman and Helena Jeronimo

More t.b.a.

Panel 3: Converging Technologies and Politics

Chair: Frans Brom

Participants: t.b.a.

Organized by the Rathenau Institute, the Netherlands