Practical Information

Accommodation: book your hotel on time!

Accommodation has been reserved in the three-star conference hotel the Drienerburght, which is located in the conference centre the Drienerburght, in which the conference takes place. The Drienerburght is centrally located on the campus of the University of Twente.  For more information, see Drienerburght.

We recommend that you reserve a room in the Drienerburght through form on the following website: Book room Drienerburght.

Hotel de Broeierd offers luxurious rooms on a walking distance from the conference: see rooms Broeierd.

Hampshire Hotel Hengelo is located near the station and the city centre of Hengelo. There are busses running from the station to the campus. See rooms Hampshire Hotel in Hengelo. NOTE: this luxurious hotel is not on campus. You need to take a buss or taxi to reach the conference hotel. If you use the form, you will get a discount.

Please reserve early, so that we can guarantee you a room.

Other options are:

Amadeus hotel  

Resortbad Boekelo

Hotel Savenije