CEPE 2005

Regular Speakers

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Adam, Allison

Chips in our children: Can we delegate morality to a machine?

Albrechtslund, Anders

The postmodern panopticon: Surveillance and privacy in the age of ubiquitous computing

Allen, Colin, Smit, I. & Wallach, W.

Artificial morality: top-down, bottom-up and hybrid approaches

Allen, Gove, Burke, Dan & Ess, Charles

Ethical approaches to robotic data gathering

Alvarez, Juan & Rosenberg, Richard

The assault on civil rights in the international fight against terrorism

Asveld, Lotte

Mobile digital communication and the public acceptability of risks

Birrer, Frans

Data mining to combat terrorism: What exactly is the ethical issue?

Bowern, Michael, Burmeister, Oliver, Gotterbarn, Don, & Wecker, John

Professional codes of ethics meeting future technologies: Guidance for the future?

Brey, Philip

IT implants, wearable IT and ambient intelligence: A comparative perspective

Cerqui, Daniela & Warwick, Kevin

Can converging technologies bridge the gap?

Chopra, Samir & Dexter, Scott

A comparative ethical assessment of open source licensing schemes

Clarke, Steve

Future technologies, dystopic futures and the precautionary principle

Collste, Göran

Ethical evaluation of new ICT-system in health care

De Laat, Paul

The cunning of internet trust

Dodig-Crnkovic, Gordana & Horniak, Virginia

Good to have someone watching us from a distance? Privacy vs security at the workplace.

Dubbeld, Lynsey

Privacy and security issues in telemonitoring of cardiac patients.

Elgesem, Dag

P3P and the new market of personal information; an ethical evaluation

Floridi, Luciano

An interpretation of informational privacy and of its moral value

Herold, Ken

Semantic stewardship: I code therefore I ought

Himma, Kenneth

Abundance, rights and interests: A framework for thinking about the legitimacy of intellectual property

Horner, David Sanford

Anticipating ethical challenges: Is there a coming era of nanotechnology?

Introna, Lucas

Presence and absence: On the social and ethical conditions of virtual communities

Ji-Xuan, Feng & Oranong, Sawasburi

Ethics divide: Computer technology globalization issues

Irrgang, Bernhard

Ethical acts in cyberspace and robotics

Kimppa, Kai & Bisset, Andy

Is cheating in network computer games a question worth raising?

Kimppa, Kai

Kantian duty ethics compared with current intellectual property rights laws

Lockton, Vance & Rosenberg, Richard

RFID: The next serious technological threat to privacy

Müller, Vincent

Some information is too dangerous to be on the internet

Olinger, H., Britz, J.J. & Olivier, M.S.

Western privacy and ubuntu – Influences in the forthcoming data privacy act in South Africa

Pieters, Wolter & Becker, Marcel

Ethics of e-voting

Reynolds, Carson

On the computability of metaethics

Snow, Richard & Snow, Mary

GIS and environmental management: The morality of manipulating maps

Sollie, Paul

Technology and the control dilemma

Stahl, Bernd Carsten, Fairweather, Ben, Rogerson, Simon & Beckett, Robert

Information ethics library: An online, open access and community-based resource for information ethics

Sullins, John

Redefining life: The ethical impacts of recent developments in artificial life

Tavani, Herman & Grodzinsky, Frances

P2P Networks and the Verizon vs. RIAA Case: Challenges to democratic ideals in cyberspace

Torrance, Steve

Artificial agents and moral agency – an enactive approach

Tsakona, Katerina & Papagounos, Georgios

The Legitimization of Surveillance: Ethical Issues

Tuovinen, Lauri & Röning, Juha

Balance of power: The social-ethical aspect of data mining

Van den Hoven, Jeroen, Lokhorst, Gert-Jan & Wiegel, Vincent

Do we have a deal?

Vedder, Anton

Quality of information: A moderately pragmatist account

Voiskounsky, Alexander

Virtual environments: The need of advanced moral education

Weber, Karsten & Drueke, Ricarda

Privacy, personal data protection and the need to differentiate

Weckert, John

Trusting agents

Wever-Rabehl, Gerda

Gendered technologies

Zanni, Anastasia

Genetic surveillance: The new technology of life

Zimmer, Michael

Surveillance, privacy and the ethics of vehicle safety communication technologies