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UTIPS scores high at supply management conference

UTIPS – the University of Twente Initiative for Purchasing Studies – was well represented at the 6C:\Users\Justus Gätjen\Desktop\263829.jpgth science symposium on supply management, organized by the German Association for Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME). Every year, BME awards a prize for the best research in purchasing and supply chain management. This year, both Petra Hoffmann and Mauricio Reichenbachs were nominated as finalists, including them in the top 3 for respectively the best PhD- and Master students, and giving them the opportunity to present their research during the symposium. Eventually, both reached second places. Their research took place at the chair of Technology Management – Innovation of Operations of Prof. Dr. Holger Schiele.

Mauricio’s master thesis covered the subject of managing strategic supply risks: the risk for a company of not being a preferred customer of its supplier. The prize underscores the high level of master theses which are currently written at the UT, which might be owed to a less strict time restriction as in many other universities. Mauricio’s findings have already been published in a practitioner magazine. An academic paper was presented at a congress and is currently under second revision with an international peer reviewed journal.

Petra finished her PhD thesis by the end of 2011, covering the topic of supply risk management and building a management system that can be used to monitor and mitigate different supply risks. Petra’s research was evaluated by the scientific jury on innovativeness, theoretical foundation and practical relevance.