IFPSM Summer School

20th IFPSM Summer School

on Advanced Purchasing & Supply ResearchMacintosh HD:Users:Jeannette:Desktop:IFPSM-high-res-300.png

University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands

6-10 July 2015


The IFPSM Summer School is organised with the aim to provide an opportunity for intensive interaction of PhD students from all around the world with some of the leading professors of the field. In order to achieve that the number of participants is limited (usually around 15) and a specific setting is chosen: joined housing with lots of interaction possibilities.

The Summer School is a combination of:

§Lectures by the professors: providing an overview of specific purchasing and supply topics and the state of the art on that subject;

§Presentations by the students: presenting their research and receiving feedback;

§Joint work on a practical problem: teams of students from different backgrounds are given the task of answering a practical question and presenting their work at the end of the week to the CPO that posed the question.

The Summer School aims to:

§Assist participants in their own PhD research;

§Provide an overview of broader purchasing and supply research;

§Provide a forum for talented young scholars for exchanging ideas and establishing a research network;

§Create a joint working experience with international colleagues.


Participation in the Summer School is most beneficial for students about halfway their thesis work. Candidates are:

§Enrolled PhD, postgraduate students of an accredited institute of higher education;

§In the phase of writing a dissertation on purchasing or a closely related areas

§Fluent in English.


The professional program starting on July, 6th, 2015 will consist of presentations and discussions on several subjects, amongst them Public Procurement, Sustainable Procurement, Electronic Procurement and innovation through procurement. The workload is equivalent to 5 ECTS.
Already contracted speakers are:

§Prof. Walker (UK)

§Prof. Schoenherr (USA)

§Prof. de Boer (N).

The Summer School is hosted by prof. Jan Telgen and prof. Holger Schiele, both from the University of Twente.

Participation fee

The IFPSM is the main sponsor of the Summer School, but contribution is expected from other organisations as well. This assistance makes it possible that participants have to pay a relatively low, participation fee: EUR 700. The registration fee includes lodging during 5 nights, one joint dinner and all materials.

Summer School Secretariat

Further information can be obtained from the Summer School Secretariat (NEVI-office):

Jan Roddeman

Phone: +316 20621299

E-mail: j.roddeman@nevi.nl

Jan Willem van der Meer

E-mail: vandermeer@nevi.nl

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