Technology & Transcendence

Symposium: Friday november 18th

Technologies mediate new  ideas  and  questions  that touch upon religious, transhumanist,  existential,  and  (post)metaphysical  notions of transcendence.

Often, technology is conceptually reduced to rational practices by which we structure and control the world. Transcendence, by contrast, is presumed to break with the confines of this rationality and, consequently, technology and transcendence easily appear as each other’s contraries or blind spots. The aim of this symposium is to critically question and re-conceptualize this entrenched opposition.


  • Prof. dr. Stefan Lorenz Sorgner (John Cabot University Rome)
  • Dr. Amanda Lagerkvist (Stockholm University)
  • Prof. dr. Jos de Mul (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  • Prof. dr. Inigo Bocken (Radboud University Nijmegen)
  • Phd cand. Jonne Hoek (University of Twente)

The head of the Twente’s Philosophy Department Prof. dr. Ciano Aydin will chair this day.


  • All interested are cordially invited! Registration fees: none. Please register by sending mail to:
  • Date and time: November 18, 10.00 - 17.00 Location: DesignLab, Campus University of Twente
  • This symposium is part of the NWO funded VICI-program: Theorizing Technological Mediation, led by Prof. dr. ir. Peter Paul Verbeek.