Theorizing Technological Mediation

Conference: 10 & 16-17-18 November

Department of Philosophy: University of Twente

We are happy to invite you to a 4-day event around the topic of technological mediation at the University of Twente. As has been emphasized by several authors (e.g. Ihde, Latour, Verbeek), it is not possible to strictly distinguish between humans and technologies. As human beings, we are always interwoven with technologies in our daily practices. At this conference it is our aim to explore the philosophical consequences of this idea in the domains of epistemology, ethics, and transcendence. If our knowledge claims, moral practices, and the limits of the human being are mediated by the contingent presence of technologies, how must we philosophically conceive of this? On top of having 3 expert workshops on these topics, we invite scholars to send in papers about the idea of technological mediation for a more general workshop on November 17th.

Overview Program:

  • November 10th: Technology and Morality
  • November 16th: Technology and Scientific Knowledge
  • November 17th: Philosophy of Technology and Technological Mediation
  • November 18th: Technology and Transcendence

Keynote Speakers

  • Prof. Dr. Batya Friedman (University of Washington)
  • Prof. Dr. Tsjalling Swierstra (University of Maastricht)
  • Dr. Tamar Sharon (University of Maastricht)
  • Prof. Dr. Ir. Ibo van de Poel (Delft University of Technology)
  • PhD Cand. Olya Kudina (University of Twente)
  • Dr. Jan Kyrre Berg Friis (Copenhagen University)
  • Prof. dr. Aud Sissel Hoel (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
  • dr. Hans Radder (Free University of Amsterdam)
  • Dr. Federica Russo (University of Amsterdam)
  • PhD Cand. Bas de Boer (University of Twente)
  • Dr. Amanda Lagerkvist, (Stockholm University)
  • Prof. dr. Stefan Lorenz Sorgner (John Cabot University Rome)
  • Prof. dr. Jos de Mul (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  • Prof. dr. Inigo Bocken (Radboud University Nijmegen)
  • PhD Cand. Jonne Hoek (University of Twente)

This symposium is part of the NWO funded VICI-program: Theorizing Technological Mediation, led by Prof. Dr. Ir. Peter Paul Verbeek.