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Assistant professor
Room: RA-2254
+31 53 489 4494

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Dr. ir. Erwin Hofman (Utrecht, 1980) received his M.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands. Currently Erwin holds a position as assistant professor at the School of Management and Governance at the same university. His research interests are in the areas of: managing collaborative innovation, strategic management, and the concept of modular products, services and organizations as a new method for organizing development and production within and between companies. His research is theoretical and empirical alike and he prefers to combine qualitative and quantitative research methods. During his PhD research Erwin focused on understanding architectural and modular innovation in loosely coupled innovation networks. His early research findings have been published in several international journals, including Housing studies and Building research and Information. His later work that has been presented at diverse international conferences such as the Academy of Management, the International Product Development Management Conference and the Tilburg Conference on Innovation and has been submitted to international management journals. The research findings are used by companies who are in the process of developing modular products or services that will allow them to efficiently produce highly customized products or services. For this purpose, Erwin also often give talks at major industry events, and helps business people in areas such as product or service modularization and new business development. At the University of Twente Erwin is responsible for teaching the subject of organization theory and design and innovation management which he also teaches to an executive MBA audience.


July 2009 to present Assistant professor, University of Twente, School of Management and Governance (BBT).

July 2010 to present Lecturer innovation management at TSM Business school.

2010 to present Owner Hofman Organisatieadvies – focus on lean product/service design

July 2005 to 2010 PhD candidate, University of Twente, Faculty of Engineering Technology and Management and Governance (BBT), promoters are prof. dr. ir. J.I.M. Halman and prof.dr. M. Song; co-promotor is dr. J.T. Voordijk.


  • Management of (interorganisational) innovation
  • Product platform and product family creation (modular design concept)
  • Lean service design


  • Decision making in innovation projects, the application of game theory in innovation projects in the building industry. PhD student is ir. Michiel Wolbers, 2012-2016
  • Implementation of Industrial Sustainable and Flexible building concepts in practice. PhD student ir. John van Oorschot, 2010-2014


Member of the Jury to designate the Energy-Innovation Prize winner for innovative building concepts, Energiesprong-SEV, November 2013

Member of the Jury to designate the Energy-Innovation Prize winner for innovative building concepts, Energiesprong-SEV, November 2012


2012 Recipient of research grant from Ballast Nedam for the research project: "Interfirm collaboration strategies in complex new product development projects in the construction industry".

2012 Nominated for Student Council Teaching Award: best lecturer.

2011 Nominated for Student Council Teaching Award: best lecturer.

2010 Winner of the 2010 Product Development & Management Association (PDMA) Research Proposal Competition and the Inaugural David L. Wilemon Research Award for the research proposal Governing Interfirm Relationships: Performance Implications of the Contract-Trust Relationship in Explorative and Exploitative NPD Projects.

2006 Best scientific paper Award at 6th international research conference in the built and human environment, 6-7 April 2006, Delft, The Netherlands, 1st prize.



  • Hofman, E. and Van Velzen, M. (2013). De Twente Innovatie Methode: Universiteit Twente.
  • Hofman, E. (2010) Modular and architectural innovation in loosely coupled networks. Matching customer requirements, product architecture, and supplier networks. ISBN: 978-90-365-3101-6. Doctoral dissertation, University of Twente.

Articles in International Refereed Journals

  • Hofman, E., Meijerink, J.G. (2013). A platform-based approach for new HR service development, Journal of services industries (accepted under minor revisions). Impact factor 2012: 2.58,
  • Hofman, E., H. Voordijk, J.I.M. Halman (2009). "Matching supply networks to a modula product architecture in the house-building industry. Building Research and Information 37(1): 31-42. Impact factor 2012: 1,99.
  • Hofman, E., J. I. M. Halman, R.A. Ion (2006). "Variation in housing design: Identifying customer preferences. Housing Studies 21(6): 929-943. Impact factor 2011: 1,02;


Refereed conference papers

  • Schleimer, S., Hofman, E. (2012). Governing Interfirm Relationships: Performance Implications of the Contract-Trust Relationship in Explorative and Exploitative NPD Projects. IPDMC, Paris, august 2013
  • Wolbers, M.C., Hofman, E., Halman, J.I.M. Decision models in explorative and exploitative innovation projects: a case study. 14th international CINet conference 2013
  • Schleimer, S., Hofman, E. (2012). Governing Interfirm Relationships: Performance Implications of the Contract-Trust Relationship in Explorative and Exploitative NPD Projects. Academy of management Conference, Boston, USA, august 2012 accepted for the Symposium titled "Trust in Intra- and Inter- Organizational Networks".
  • Hofman, E., Halman, J.I.M., X.M.Song (2011). When to use loose or tight networks for innovation? Empirical evidence. Academy of management Conference, San Antonio, USA, august 9-10 2011.
  • Lowik, S., Van Hal, K., Hofman, E. (2011). Effects of external resource acquisition on ambidextrous innovation project performance in SME’s. Annual INSCOPE-Conference 2011. Enschede, University of Twente, The Netherlands, October 12, 2011.
  • Hofman, E., Faems, D.L.M., Kruitbosch, E. (2011). The impact of customer collaboration on different innovation performance dimensions. The R&D management conference, Norrköping, Sweden, June 28-30, 2011.
  • Tijmes, A., Faems, D.L.M., Hofman, E. (2011) Customer Collaboration and Innovation Success: The Impact of Depth and Breadth of Customer Involvement. 18th EIASM international product development management conference. Delft, The Netherlands, June 5-7, 2011.
  • Meijerink, J.G., Hofman, E., Hemels, H. (2011) To share or not to share: that’s the question. When does sharing of HR services maximize perceived HR service value? 7th International Conference of the Dutch HRM network. 2011, November, 10-11

Business publications

  • Hofman, E. (2009) “Modulaire bouwsystemen relatief onbekend, systeemontwikkeling vraagt nieuwe regels”. Bouwformatie, toeleveranciers in beeld nummer 1 jaargang 2, 20 januari 2009.
  • Hofman, E. (2008) Keuzevrijheid voor consumenten, Cobouw, 24 oktober 2008 
  • Hofman, E., et al (2008), Durf dossier 2: Bouwen voor de gebruiker, PSIBouw publicatie, december 2008.
  • Hofman, E. (2008) Keuzevrijheid in de woningbouw, PSIBouw publicatie, oktober 2008.

Business presentations

  • Seminar Faalkosten elimineren in de bouw 23 september 2010. Georganiseerd door Van Lente & De Vos bij de Metaalunie, Nieuwegein, 1ste Gastspreker.
  • Nationale Manifestatatie Woonwensen 2007 in conference Centre de Meervaart, Amsterdam Hofman, E. ‘Welke wensen hebben de mensen’.
  • Raad van Toezicht – IGS, presentation of the research to the Board of the Institute of Governance Studies, 26 June 2006, University of Twente.
  • IGS spring conference, seminar: complex systems in project based industries, 15-16 June 2006, Universiteit Twente.
  • Institute of Governance Studies, international conference, University of Twente, Enschede, June 17 2005.
  • PSIB poster presentation, 21 November 2005, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.