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Assistant professor
Room: RA-2270


Petra Hoffmann is a PhD student at the University of Twente. She obtained her master degree in ‘Industrial Engineering & Management’ from the University of Twente in 2005, with a thesis on market developments in the artificial turf industry.


Petra is interested in supply chain management with a particular focus on risk management in buyer-supplier relationships. Among others, current globalization and increasingly complex supply chains give rise to supply risks. Therefore, risk management is emerging as an essential topic in the field of supply chain management. Petra’s research focuses on identifying possible risk monitoring and mitigation strategies to manage these supply risks. She developed a supply risk management model which enables firms to (1) identify possible supply risks in due time to react, and (2) address those risks as they occur. Furthermore, Petra is interested in supply chain management in an international context and in scholar-practitioner research collaboration.


§Past and present teaching activities:Supervising participants of the International MBA programme of the University of Twente and Hunan University

§NewProduction Concepts, Master course Industrial Engineering and ManagementSupervising MSc/BSc theses for Business Administration and Industrial Engineering and Management.


Hoffmann, P. (2009). Identifying risks in strategically important supply chain relationship with Asian supply chain partners. Paper presented at the doctoral colloquium of the 26th Euro-Asia Management Studies Association (EAMSA) conference, October 22 – 24.

Schiele, H., Hoffmann, P., Krabbendam, J. (2010). Determinants of successful supply risk management. Working paper presented at the 19th International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association (IPSERA) conference, May 16 – 19.

Schiele, H., Hoffmann, P. Krabbendam, J. (2010). Testing an Integrated Supply Risk Management System, Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the academy of Management (AOM), August 6 – 10. This paper was nominated for the “Chan Hahn Best Paper Award” of the Operations Management Division.


Gervedink, F., Hoffmann, P. (2005). Kunstgras belicht: Informatiegids over kunstgras voetbalvelden. Institute for Sport and Leisure, Enschede.


  • Board member of the 10th PREBEM Conference on Business Economics, Management and Organization Science
  • Member of the University of Twente Initiative for Purchasing Studies (UTIPS)