PERSIST – Purchasing Education RESEARCH Syndicate: Industry 4.0 Skills Transfer

TM/S members Holger Schiele, Klaas Stek and Vincent Delke are involved in PERSIST, a research project funded by the European Union.

The focus of Project PERSIST is to analyse the role of Purchasing and Supply Management (PSM)  in the era of I4.0 (machine-to-machine communication). This underlying subject is developing in a fast pace and higher education needs to prepare for the role of new content and new forms of education. New competencies will be required and the need for new, interactive, student-centred teaching approaches is subsequent. The project members see the opportunity to benefit from the technology changes to support future education. A tailored education system will most likely help to develop future competencies. 

Project  PERSIST aims to prepare students and lecturers with a student-centred approach of competency  driven learning, in which the learning and teaching of knowledge, professional and interpersonal  skills, and intrapersonal character traits is stimulated.  

The project's objectives: 

The materials will be freely available for (European) universities and will be disseminated via  international platforms like IPSERA and via practitioners’ platforms like IFPSM. The new course will  be tested and implemented as part of the MSc track “Purchasing and Supply Management” at the University of Twente. 

The consortium consists of the following five project partners:

More information on the project can be found on the project website.