PERISCOPE - Purchasing Education Research with an Innovative Sustainability Scope

In the modern network economy, a typical industrial firm in Europe spends about 60% of their turnover on purchased components. More than half of the entire income of a firm is directly routed through to its suppliers. Hence, not only from the perspective of an individual firm but from the perspective of European competitiveness the management of the buyer-supplier interface, i.e. professional Purchasing and Supply Management (PSM), is crucial. For that, world-class training and education of purchasers are necessary.
In a previous EU project members of the PERISCOPE team empirically identified the skills characteristic for successful purchasers and developed a curriculum and a Massive Open Oline Course (MOOC) for teaching them (

However, since then, a new development gained unprecedented momentum – the sustainability challenge facing the global economy. Developing sustainable and innovative solutions in supply chain management design is now obligatory for businesses, not just an option. The PERISCOPE project aims to prepare students in acquiring future PSM skills and key competencies towards innovative and sustainable solutions.

The UT works together with renowned institutes in this project: ESSCA (France), Audencia (France), Copenhagen Business School (Denmark) and TU Graz (Austria).

For more information please check the PERISCOPE website.