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The dynamics of User-initiated Innovation

dynamics of network of networksPhD Project

Period: January 2004 – October 2009
Financed by: NWO (Netwerk van Netwerken programme)

Project Staff

  • PhD Student: Drs. S.J.S. Verhaegh (Stefan)
  • Promotor: Prof. Dr. N.E.J. Oudshoorn (Nelly)
  • Daily tutor: Dr.Ir. E.C.J.van Oost (Ellen)
  • Co-promotor: prof. dr. Valerie Frissen (TNO-ICT + EUR)

Project description

The quality and dynamics of network of networks cannot be adequately explained only from the perspective of technological design and development. The way users (individuals as well as user-organisations) appropriate and accommodate technologies in their daily practices is an important element in understanding the network dynamics. This research aims to contribute to insight in and knowledge of the dynamics of user-initiated innovation in the wider development of network-technology dynamics. The central research question is: Which conditions facilitate user-initiated innovation of network technologies and how can we assess the quality of these types of innovations? The research is based on the qualitative analysis of the dynamics of Wireless Leiden, a bottom-up innovation of a wireless infrastructure.

Project publications

Verhaegh, S. (2008), Uit je dak gaan: De draadloze meent als vrijplaats voor innovatie, in Valerie Frissen & Jos de Mul, ed., De draagbare lichtheid van het bestaan, Klement, Kampen, pp. 63-85.

Oost, E. van, S. Verhaegh and N. Oudshoorn (2009), “From Innovation Community to Community Innovation: The Case of Wireless Leiden” in: Science, Technology and Human Values 34 no.2, March 2009

Verhaegh, S. (Forthcoming), From “simple customer” to “warm user”. Or, who cares about connections in community innovation? In: Pierson, J. Mante-Meijer, E., Loos, E. and Sapio, B. (eds). Innovation for and by users, COST