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ERA-Dynamics – Knowledge dynamics, institutions, and policy in Europe

Period: June 2006 - August 2009
Granting organization: PRIME Network of Excellence (EU 7th Framework Programme)


Prof. Dr. S Kuhlmann (Stefan)

Dr. B.J.M van der Meulen

Dr. G. Heimeriks

Project partner

P. van den Besselaar (Rathenau Institute), D. Braun (Université de Lausanne), J. Edler (Manchester University), L. Henriques (IPTS), P. Larédo (ENPC; Manchester University), T. Luukkonen (ETLA), D. Pardo (CNR-LEST), E. Reale (CERIS-CNR), A. Schoen (Université Paris-Est), Duncan Thomas (Manchester University).

Project description

ERA-Dynamics – a PRIME Network of Excellence collaborative project involving nine research teams – is an experimental initiative taking high risk: The project is led by the hypothesis that different knowledge dynamics correspond positively (or negatively) to different ‘mixes’ of governance patterns and policy instruments: ‘One size does not fit all!’ (Larédo 2006; Kuhlmann & Larédo 2007). The project aims to explore the mutual ‚functional’ interrelationship (or ‚congruence’) between content-wise driven knowledge dynamics on the one hand and the development of institutional and governance arrangements on the meso- and macro-level of research (national and post-national) on the other. Ideally, as a result, one could discern a limited number of ‘stylised’ matches of types of knowledge dynamics and governance patterns. For reasons of feasibility the project team investigates, in the first place, just two fields of sufficiently diverse knowledge dynamics (selected from areas of ‘new sciences’ and ‘problem-oriented research’); governance patterns are studied mainly with respect to modes of resource allocation. The roles of other governance modes would be explored later.

The project team has communicated intermediate results with stakeholders in manifold ways, e.g. at workshop with expert colleagues and high-level policymakers in the context of the German EU Presidency, (Bonn, May 2007) or in the context of the Portuguese EU Presidency (Lisbon, November 2007).prime

Selection of recent publications

Kuhlmann, S. / Larédo, P. (2007), Knowledge dynamics and ERA integration. Background paper for the Policy Workshop “Beyond the dichotomy of national vs. European science systems – Configurations of knowledge, institutions and policy in European research”, Bonn, May 30, 2007.

Larédo, P. (2006), Transformation des «régimes de recherche»: implications pour les interventions publiques, La lettre de la regulation, vol. 65, 12, 2006, 1-5.