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Governance of international research collaboration in Nano S&T in Europe

Period: April 2007-September 2012
Granting organization: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Project staff

  • Prof. Dr. S Kuhlmann (Stefan)
  • Ma MPhil I. Ulnicane (Inga)

Project description

DFG governanceThis research project explores motives as well as facilitating and hampering factors for international scientific co-operation in research institutes of German non-university sector in the field of nano S&T. The project is a part of the research group “Governance of Research”, which is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). This study builds on the previous study (Heinze & Kuhlmann 2008) on research collaboration in German public sector in the field of nanoscience analysing factors enabling and hampering cooperation along three dimensions of governance of research institutes: intellectual, organisational and resources endowment (see graph).

The study analyses international scientific collaborations between German public research organisations and their counterparts in the Netherlands, France and UK along above mentioned dimensions. Main research questions addressed concern (1) driving forces for international research collaboration in nano S&T; and (2) institutional factors (thematic focus, organizational characteristics and resource endowment) facilitating or hampering such collaborations. This research aims to contribute to better understanding of interests, needs and organizational factors supporting international scientific co-operation in an emerging field of nano S&T.

Selection of recent publications

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Heinze, T.; Kuhlmann, S. (2008): Across institutional boundaries? Research collaboration in German public sector nanoscience, In: Research Policy, 37, 888–899

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Kuhlmann, S. (2007): Governance of Research – Nine Comments on Arthur Benz. In: Jansen, New Forms of Governance (2007), 23-25

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