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Civil Society Organisation interventions into agri-environmental research

Period: May 2008 – Jun 2010
Granting organization: EU FP7

Project staff

Dr. W. Halffman (Willem) /

Project partner

Dr Les Levidow, Dr Sue Oreszczyn, Dr Stephen Hinchliffe, Dr Theo Papaioannou (Open University), Dr Claudia Neubauer, Eric Gall (Fondation Sciences Citoyennes), Daniel Gomez, Dr Jenny Franco, Tamra Gilbertson, Lucia Goldfarb; Kevin Smith (Transnational Institute), Alberto Merollo, Matteo Lener (Consiglio dei Diritti Genetici), Dr Tom MacMillan, Paul Steedman (Food Ethics Council), Dr Esther Velázquez (Fundación Nueva Cultura del Agua), Gilles Maréchal, Blaise Berger and Pascal Aubrée (Federation Régionale des Centres d’Initiatives pour Valoriser l’Agriculture).


The involvement of civil society organisations with science has recently become an important topic of attention in European science policy. Following the report on “co-operative research” (Stirling 2006) and public consultation of CSOs on their potential role in research by DG Research, CSO involvement now receives special attention in the 7th Framework Programme, especially in the Science and Society section. A growing body of literature analyses and often advocate increased CSO involvement with research (e.g. Irwin 1995; Wynne 1996; Wilsdon and Willis 2004; Stilgoe et al. 2006).

Although these proposals may seem novel, CSO involvement with research has a long and varied tradition. One can think of the experiences with science shops over the last decades, but one can also go back further in time to trade-union involvement in technologies at the workplace (Noble 1979), or the roots of the environmental movement and its activist scientists (e.g. Carson 1962). Countries with strong traditions of consensus politics, such as the Netherlands or Nordic countries, had interesting experiences with CSO involvement in research and research policy in the field of agri-environmental research. This study will reflect on such experiences with CSOs’ interventions in research over the last two decades.crepe

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For output see project website Co-operative Research on Environmental Problems in Europe (CRêPE).