Marianne Boenink
Techno-moral scenarios: inserting techno-moral change in debates on emerging technologies

In ethical reflection on emerging technologies, people often tend to take morality for granted as a relatively stable and unchanging phenomenon. Looking at the past, however, it is not difficult to see that morality is constantly evolving. It does so, moreover, in interaction with technological developments. If we want to anticipate what emerging technologies might do and how they are likely to interact with society, we had better acknowledge such ‘techno-moral change’ . One way of doing so is to train people’s imagination by way of ‘techno-moral scenarios’. In this presentation, I will discuss a method for developing such scenarios (developed by Swierstra, Stemerding and myself), discuss its starting points and presuppositions, as well as its potential use.

Attached you’ll find two papers that explain and illustrate the approach: