6 June

Arie Rip (STePS)
Location: RA 1315

Title: Moving About in the Nano World
Abstract: ‘Moving about’ and ‘insertion’ have been coined as key methodological features of the Constructive Technology Assessment (CTA) experiments in the TA NanoNed research program (Rip 2012). These notions refer to CTA practitioners operating as “knowledgeable visitors” probing the world of R&D-practices. While PhD-students in the follow-up TA program of NanoNextNL do not perform dedicated CTA experiments, they are expected to contribute to responsible innovation in the NanoNextNL research program. Moreover, like the TA NanoNed PhD researchers they likely will acquire part of their empirical date by ‘moving about’, i.e. attending conferences, chatting to nanoscientists and integrating observations about broader developments. How can robust knowledge products be realised using mixed sources and in the context of the NanoNextNL program? How should the required research strategies be conceptualised methodologically? In this methodology seminar we will draw lessons from the TA NanoNed program and discuss their implications for the PhD research in TA NanoNextNL.

The presentation will cover implications for key features of sociological research. Therefore some introductory pages about will be distributed (a week before the seminar). The chapter below is available by the STePS-secretary (StepsSecretariaat@mb.utwente.nl) .

Arie Rip and Douglas Robinson (2012) Constructive Technology Assessment and the methodology of insertion. In: Ibo van de Poel, Neelke Doorn, Daan Schuurbiers and Michael E. Gorman (eds), Opening up the laboratory: Approaches for early engagement with new technologies. Wiley-Blackwell