24 February 2010 - Misty Guard

Software for Hard Qualitative Research

Misty Guard
(Junior Visiting Researcher - University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands, MSPP Candidate - Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

A look at the use of NVivo 8 as a tool in qualitative research analysis. Presentation of the use of NVivo 8 in the program evaluation of a 9-year NSF-funded GK-12 program in Atlanta, GA, USA (N=104).

The session on Wednesday, 24 February, will be dedicated to some basic reflections on the utilization of software packages supporting qualitative research.

Software structures the way we work - increasingly in social research, too. The built-in logics of the software packages do not automatically correspond with the logics of our research methods and methodologies. Therefore, it makes sense to think about the possibilites and limits of software use in qualitative research - in particluar in our context of studying technologies in general.

In addition and for comparison, Peter Stegmaier will offer a very quick insight into ATLAS.ti.