Jenny Ngo

An Investigation of Deanship in Indonesian University
Jenny Ngo (CHEPS)

This study is an empirical-based analysis of the leadership and management styles of Indonesian deans. Our ultimate research goal is to investigate the management styles of Indonesian deans to better understand their behaviors in running their complex organizations. We want to explore what kind of leadership and management styles the Indonesian deans exhibit. For this purpose we apply a theory of Competing Values Framework (CVF) which offers good possibilities to define and operationalize management styles. Based on four different models of organization – human relations, open systems, internal process and rational goal – the CVF discerns eight different management styles. These eight roles have guided our empirical research. Moreover, we want to investigate why deans exhibit a particular (set of) management style(s)? How can we explain the management styles of Indonesian deans? To answer these questions, we use the theory of reasoned action (TRA) and the theory of planned behavior (TPB). According to these two theories, management styles, as a behavior pattern, can be explained by three factors: the dean’s attitude, their perceived social norms and their perceived behavioral control.