Future Scenarios of Innovation Processes in Genomics and Health Care: tracing the innovation journey of asthma and genomics

Lise Bitsch (STePS)

Medical genomics research focuses on common (chronic) disorders such as asthma, cancer, heart and vascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis and Alzheimer's disease. This research takes shape in specific innovation processes aiming to translate the basic knowledge of disease processes into new prevention, early diagnostics and treatment practices. Although we are only at the beginning of these innovation processes, they will not only bring about new knowledge but will also lead to outlines for a future in which this knowledge will result in new health care practices. This project will develop scenarios in which this outline of the future of genomics can be further explored. Using this approach, innovation processes, which are now only roughly delineated in genomics research, will be much more specifically defined in scenarios that show how new health care practices could start to develop in these processes. In the methodology seminar the case of asthma and genomics research will be used to explore the first step in this research process; a retrospective analysis of the impact of genomics on asthma research. This concept of innovation journey is elaborated on, and the notion of emerging irreversibilities is used to develop a method for tracing emerging innovation journeys of asthma research.