The impacts of spin-off companies on the research activities of public research organisations in the Netherlands
Arend Zomer (CHEPS)

This PhD project focuses on the question what the impacts are of spin-off companies on the public research organisations PROs they originate from. In my work I do not merely focus on the direct impacts of spin-offs on their parent research organisations but I choose to see the creation of spin-off companies and the interactions with spin-off companies by research organisations as part of an institutional environment that increasingly stresses the importance of knowledge transfer and active commercialisation of scientific research. Therefore, part of the research also focuses on the responses of PROs to their environment and the way the presence of spin-off companies is utilised by PROs.

I would like to discuss some key methodological challenges in my research. The data for this project was collected in an early stage of my PhD in an EU sixth framework project called ProKnow. The same research was conducted in six other EU countries. In the past years my PhD has taken form and the questions in my research sometimes exceed the data that was collected in the ProKnow project. Additionally, the sampling logic of the ProKnow design needs to be justified for my PhD project.