26 January 2011

Methodology Seminar on Bibliometrics and WoSci work

Dr. Gonzalo Ordonez-Matamoros
Assistant Professor, Department of Science, Technology, and Policy Studies (STePS)

The purpose of my presentation would then be to introduce some of the capabilities (and limitations) in profiling research performance, trends, patterns, impacts and opportunities at different levels of analyses: individuals, institutions (including firms, universities, journals), scientific fields, communities and countries to support research and decision making using VantagePoint, a commercial software developed by Georgia Tech and Search Technology.

Dr.ir. Roel Nahuis
Researcher at Department of Science, Technology, and Policy Studies (STePS)

The Rathenau Institute has developed SAINT, which stands for Science Assessment Integrated Network Toolkit. This set of tools for bibliometric and patentometric research can be downloaded freely from the Rathenau website. Roel Nahuis will give a short demonstration of how he used Saint for constructing co-author maps out of a set of articles imported from the ISI Web of Knowledge database.

(Roel Nahuis)