See Technology, dynamics and assessment

Three level dynamics and scenarios

PhD Project

Period: 2005-2010

Financed by: STW

Project Staff

PhD Student: Ir. H. te Kulve (Haico)

Promotor: Prof. Dr. A. Rip (Arie)


My PhD research focuses on dynamics and mechanisms in emerging structures that shape how actors cope with nanotechnologies in different sectors of industry. In my empirical studies I analyze how actors take up the application of nanotechnologies for food packaging and drug delivery technologies. In particular I am interested in how actors in these sectors anticipate on societal embedding of nanotechnologies and co-ordinate their activities with other actors.

This PhD project is part of the Technology Assessment Program in NanoNed, a Dutch nanotechnology R&D initiative. For a description of the NanoNed program please visit


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