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Technology, Dynamics and Assessment

This research theme aims to increase understanding of the dynamics of processes of technological development and the ways in which socio-technological change can be assessed.

Understanding the dynamics of technological change is an intellectual challenge, but in modern society also of great relevance to societal actors and audiences, ranging from scientists and technologists to government agencies, business firms, non-profit organizations, and the general public. Therefore, the development of concepts and tools to assess and contribute to the development of technologies is an important part of the group’s research agenda.

Important publications and past projects of technology dynamics and assessment can be found under key publications and past projects.

Involved staff

Prof. Dr. N.E.J. Oudshoorn (Nelly), Dr. K.E. Konrad (Kornelia), Dr.Ir. E.C.J.van Oost (Ellen), Dr. P. Stegmaier (Peter), Prof. Dr. A. Rip (Arie).