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Science and Innovation Policies

Science and innovation are both a key resource and a cause for concern for industry and policy making in modern society. The production and use of scientific knowledge and its relevance for technological order and other innovations have increasingly become objects of policy making. Understanding the changing governance of science (in a broad sense) and the conceptualization of the research and innovation system are key issues for contemporary science, technology and innovation studies. Research on ‘Science and Innovation Policies’ analyzes transformation processes of the research and innovation system, the role of governance and policy making in this transformation and the processes by which scientific knowledge contributes to policy making and innovation.

Important publications and past projects of technology dynamics and assessment can be found under key publications and past projects.

Involved staff

Prof. Dr. S Kuhlmann (Stefan), Prof. Dr. R. Hoppe (Rob), Dr. H.G.M. Oosterwijk (Herman), Dr. H.G. Ordóñez-Matamoros (Gonzalo), Dr. P. Stegmaier (Peter), Prof. Dr. A. Rip (Arie)